Services & Fees


Signet specialises in the provision of Australian visa eligibility assessment, application review, application preparation to grant, liaison with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) if required and follow up services in the following Australian visa types:

And also Australian Citizenship matters

Professional fees:

1. Written Visa Assessment

After the completion of an interactive Client Information Questionnaire (CIQ), a detailed Visa Assessment  at a cost of AUD200 will be provided to the requesting party, including a comprehensive assessment covering:

  • Selection of  ANZSCO occupation(s);
  • Your current points and potential additional points;
  • Your visa options (including points & non-points tested, independent and nominated options and state /territory availability);
  • Recommendations;
  • Professional fees &  Government charges applicable at time of assessment;
  • ‘What to do next’


2. Face to face consultation

One-on-one consultation to discuss visa options and /or any migration, visa or citizenship matters requiring personal attendance -on an hourly fee basis (including a written summary). The fee will be $250 (including GST) for a one hour consultation. If longer, then the fee will be $220 including GST per hour.


3. General or specific migration & visa advice

For preparation of immigration or visa submissions (health waiver or character etc) on fixed fee or an hourly fee basis depending upon the scale of required work and time required – 2 hour minimum charge ($440 including GST).


4. Pre-lodgment Visa Application Review – visa or citizenship

A fixed fee of $600 + GST – within strict terms – to review the visa application  (forms, and supporting documentation for quality and sufficiency). Any re-drafting or other remedial action required will be charged either upon an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis depending upon the scale of required work. Other service options are available upon request.


5. Fixed fee for complete visa application and lodgement with DHA:

For preparation of relevant visa application(s) (including assessing visa options and eligibility), depending upon the level of complexity, professional fees as are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Preparation and coordination of required departmental paperwork including skill assessment advice and assistance, and coordination of all supporting documentation, lodgement of the application with DHA and dealing with requests by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA ) on your behalf (including regular up-dating) through to decision on your application.


6 Employer Sponsorship obligation compliance review:

flat fee of $1000 (including GST) to ensure that the company sponsor is obligation-compliant under current Australian migration law & Regulations for the purposes of:

A.  A  temporary Standard Business Sponsorship.(SBS) and/or

B. Subsequent nomination for an Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) visa (requiring compliance with training and other sponsorship obligations for the course of the sponsorship).

Usually this will entail a review of a sponsor’s records and may if necessary include a site visit. Any work required to make a sponsor compliant after review will be charged either upon an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis depending upon the scale of required work.

7. Hourly rates:
(i) One- off matter – 1 hour: 

Professional fee of $250.00 including GST may be charged for a one hour consultation or part thereof.

(ii) Hourly fee (ongoing matter):

Our on-going hourly fee is currently $220 (including GST).


8. Australian Citizenship

Citizenship applications (except for minors under 16 years) are stand-alone applications.

As an indication only, our usual fee for a standard residential- based application is $1650 including GST + government fee per applicant’. This may vary based on the complexity of the matter. Discounts on professional fees are available for multiple applicants.

Professional fees for Applications based upon circumstances other than meeting the residential requirements/ministerial discretion or involving other visa status, may vary depending on a case by case basis. An initial consultation fee (see above) may be payable, but will be deducted from the final fee upon issue of instructions..


**Government visa application fees can be found here