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Skilled work visas

Is your goal an Independent or state/territory sponsored skilled work visa? Do you qualify? We can help! Click here to read more or purchase a visa assessment.

Sponsored work visas

Does your company need to sponsor temporary skilled workers (TSS) or wish to nominate employees for permanent ENS work visas? We can help! Click here to read more.

Partner & Family visa

Do you need a partner visa or parent visas? We can help! Click here to read more.

Visas for NZ citizens

Are you a NZ citizen living in Australia and want permanent residence? Click here to see your options


Ask us about the our citizenship options available to applicants Click here to read more

Temporary visas

We can help with the whole range of temporary visa such as short term business, working holiday visa (and extensions) and visitor visas

We can also arrange Australian Citizenship for you, contact us for more information!

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Signet Consulting & Migration
We are Australian registered migration agents and migration experts providing Australian immigration and visa solutions both to businesses and to persons wishing to migrate to Australia to live and work through skilled migration, employer sponsored visas (Employer Nominated Scheme -ENS & TSS visas), sponsored partner visas, parent visas and other permanent visas.

We assist businesses with Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) nomination and temporary TSS visa sponsorship approvals which allow them to nominate and sponsor work visas. We can also assist with other temporary work visas, short-term business visas, special purpose visitor and tourist visas.

Signet Consulting & Migration also handles Australian citizenship enquiries and is able to assist with citizenship applications.

Registered Migration Agent

Simon Earles is registered by the national Migration Agents Registration Authority ( MARA) since 2002 to give Australian migration advice and visa assistance for a fee. Simon has been practising for 16 years and he is also currently Vice President of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) Queensland & NT branch for a second term

Employment & Business Visas
TSS Visa (Temporary)

The TSS visa is an employer sponsored visa. It is for companies to get approved as business sponsors so they can sponsor skilled workers on TSS temporary visas in occupations on the TSS visa occupation list. It is also for applicants who wish to live and work in Australia on Employer sponsored temporary visas which can lead to Australian permanent residency.

Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) Visas (Permanent)

This category of visa allows Australian companies to nominate applicants for Australian permanent residency on the basis of their employment. We can offer migration help to companies and visa applicants to achieve a permanent Australian visa through the available pathways such as the Temporary Transition Residence (TTR) pathway or the Direct pathways. The regional option is the Regional Sponsored Migration scheme (RSMS) visa.

Independent & Nominated Skilled Visas

This category can only be accessed by registering an Expression of Interest (EOI) online through the Australian government’s immigration portal Skillselect. An applicant’s occupation must be on the relevant skilled occupation list.  Depending upon the visa type a nomination may be required  prior to invite. Once an invitation has been issued -based upon an applicant’s points ranking  a skilled visa application can be made.

Short Term Business Visas

This group of short term Australian business visas has been recently revised so that the only short term business visa with work rights is the Sub class 400. There are however other options for business people to visit Australia to do business in Australia including electronic visas from designated countries and regions.

Personal & Family Visas
Partner Visa (also known as ‘spouse’ visas) (Provisional)

This category of sponsored Australian visas includes married partner visas, de facto visas (including same –sex relationships) and Prospective marriage visas better known as Fiance visas. To sponsor in this category, a person must be anAustralian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible NZ citizen over 18 years. With the exception of the fiancé visa, de facto and married partner visas can be granted in or outside Australia.

Parent Visas (Temporary And Permanent Visas Options)

This category is for the parents of settled Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens who pass the ‘balance of family’ test. There are two general visa types , the original Parent visa and Contributory Parent visas which are both available on and off-shore, but only applications lodged in Australia (aged applicants) are entitled to a bridging visa. There have been recent concessions for parent visa applicants when applying for visitor visas during visa processing.

New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens have an unlimited right to work and live in Australia on a Special Category visa (SCV), also known as the 444 visa. Those New Zealand citizens arriving in Australia after 26 February 2001 experience some disadvantages because of this status, but there are also some concessions for New Zealand citizens wishing to sponsor partners or to become permanent residents.

Visitor Visas

There are a range of visitor and tourist visas available for persons wishing to visit Australia for non-business purposes. This category has been recently revamped into the new 600 series visas (including e-visa) which have a variety of streams depending upon the purpose of the visit such as tourism, business or visiting family.

Australian Citizenship

Our firm can handle all standard Australian citizenship applications , by conferral, descent or by adoption and also unusual matters arising out of failure to meet the required residence requirement at first instance –usually by way of application for Ministerial discretion.

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