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Visa Assessment Service

The Visa Assessment Service

For most people the crucial question when considering a move to Australia is “Would I qualify?” This question is equally applicable to skilled and other employment visas as it is to partner and other family-based visas, whether temporary or permanent in nature.

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Many permanent  Australian visas are skills-based and to qualify, matters such as your age, English-language ability, work experience and qualifications are considered by Australian immigration. In order to assist in your ‘selection’ to receive an invitation the Australian government uses a point’s test which is based upon these core issues. Points alone however will not define whether you qualify to receive an invitation. You must also be able to  nominate a skilled occupation from the relevant lists, have Competent English as a minimum. and also secure a positive skill assessment from the skill assessor relevant to that occupation.

An issue with the concessional state or territory nominated visa options, is that while you may either have the points (or potentially meet the required points score with extra nomination points) but if no states or territories are currently nominating your preferred skilled occupation then this pathway will not be open. States and territories do revise their migration plans periodically.

110_F_30555078_1hmXaXadMYoYLywWzg9ru9qe7fDEG4w8Other skilled employment visas are not-points tested BUT will require an approved employer to sponsor for a Temporary 457 visa or to nominate for a Permanent ENS or RSMS visa.

Family based (Partner, Parent, child) visas rely upon a much more subjective consideration of the relevant relationship, facts and circumstances.

Free consultations for points-tested visas usually concentrate simply on the points calculation because it is relatively simple to do. However as you can see from my SkillSelect page, there is more to it than points alone! Without proper consideration, any such ‘visa assessment’ will be of limited value and not useful when seeking to answer the question: ‘Do I qualify?’

Our objective is to provide you with a considered opinion from a registered migration agent (at a competitive fee), based on all of your circumstances and one which examines your options in order to answer that question. We look forward to working with you in due course.

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After purchase of your visa Assessment

Once you purchase an assessment, we will send you a Client Information Questionnaire (CIQ) which you can then complete with instructions. Once completed, simply return your completed CIQ to us, as instructed, and within seven (7) working days of receipt of all requested information (including follow-up information), we will provide a full written Visa Assessment for option A and C options (and relevant matters listed) or an e-mail response for option B;

A. SkillSelect visa options.
(including General skilled, Business innovation & Investment skills and non-points tested employment options)
  • Identifying the relevant ANZSCO occupation;
  • Explaining the other things you must prove, including English language skills and a positive skill assessment;
  • Calculating your points and to provide some guidance on how to increase your points to improve your chances of receiving an invitation (first);
  • To suggest different, skills, qualifications or applicant (partner as the alternative applicant) if you don’t qualify at the moment;
  • An initial recommendation of the  best option based upon information collected – and reasons;
  • A breakdown of costs for the recommended option if you wish to start the process
B. Focussed assessment option (including Australian citizenship, employer sponsorship queries etc)

If you have already done some research or if you have questions about

  • Your eligibility for an identified visa;
  • Particular questions related to that visa or matters of concern;
  • Your employment circumstances; or
  • Eligibility for Australian citizenship,

then this will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions. In these circumstances, you only need to complete relevant sections of the CIQ,.i.e. travel to Australian and personal and family details.You can ask your specific questions in the e-mail accompanying your returned CIQ.

If your request is visa related, then this assessment will not entail a review of your visa options but will focus on the issues relevant to you or your families or employers circumstances.

Responses will be in e-mail format.

C. Family (Partner, Parent and other family) options.
  • Identifying a suitable pathway based upon your circumstances;
  • Explaining the requirements and procedures to meet;
  • An initial recommendation of the  best option based upon information collected – and reasons;
  • A breakdown of costs for the recommended option if you wish to start the process

You should include as much information as to your circumstances as you can when returning the Client Questionnaire.

Next steps

We will provide you with an opportunity to discuss the findings and clarify issues in your assessment in a follow -up e-mail (preferably) telephone or Skype call if requested.

Should you choose to have me represent you in your application, I will issue my appointment letter and related tax invoice at the appropriate time.

This assessment service covers independent, sponsored, temporary, and permanent visa types and also Australian citizenship.

Sponsoring overseas skilled workers

For Employers’ who would like to discuss how they can sponsor overseas personnel for temporary visas or nominate or sponsor employees for permanent visas, please Contact us direct.