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Family Visas

Family visa overview

This visa cohort covers a wide category including the 3 different types of partner visas (including visas for partners as a combined application for other temporary or permanent visas), aged and working age (Contributory) parent visas, and child visas. They are largely permanent visas or temporary leading to permanent visas.

Except for the Prospective Marriage (fiancé) visa, (PMV), all of these visas can be applied for inside of outside Australia depending upon an applicant’s circumstances.

For further information on Partner, Married and De Facto, Fiance, Other Partners Visa Types, Parent or Child and Other Relatives visas, please click on the links.

Parent visas

The DHA has indicated that therse visa are subject to ‘cap & queue’ process.

The Department’s website is reporting extensive queues for these visas and potential applicants should be aware of these:
  • Non-Contributory Parent visa meeting cap & queue criteria – approximately 30 years
  • Carer visa – approximately 4.5 years
  • Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative – approximately 56 years

If you are interested in investigating the Aged Parent and Aged Dependent relatives and other on-shore visa categories which will allow the issue of a bridging visa during this lengthy processing, then please use our Contact Us page.