Other Partner Visa Types
  • Sponsored Temporary 457 Dependent Visa (including members of the family unit)

Partners (and family members) of 457 visa holders are able to be granted a dependent 457 visa either by making a combined application at the same time as the main applicant or later by establishing a married or de facto relationship. The test for temporary visa is less onerous and policy is 6 months cohabitation is sufficient to establish de facto but as general rule the longer the relationship the better.

  • Employer Sponsored Scheme (ENS) Dependent Partner Visa (including members of the family unit)

Similar to temporary sponsored visas, a dependent spouse (and dependent family members) work are able to make a combined application and by establishing a spousal relationship using similar evidence than for partner visas can be granted a permanent dependent visa. Applicants are required to meet the same standard of proof as for a partner visa

  • New Zealand Family Relationship sc 461 (Temporary) Visa

This is a unique family visa benefiting members of the family unit of New Zealand citizens. It is usually utilised by spouses and partners but can be used by any member of the family unit.

This is for family members who are not New Zealand citizens themselves to accompany their partners and parents who are holders of Special category (SVC) visas whilst they are in Australia.

This is a 5 year renewal visa and as long as the visa holder does not become part of the family member of another person a visa holder can roll the visa over.

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