“My husband and I had always wanted to live in Australia and thought we had left it a little late to try. We have a nine year old daughter and we are both in our 40’s. We began to look at our chances of a permanent visa for our family. We turned to Simon after looking at information on the “Bob in Oz” website.

Simon’s approach and advice was very detailed and thorough. He clearly went through our potential options and advised us along the way as our situation changed. The immigration process is complex and stressful and Simon has a calm and supportive approach, which is immensely helpful. He tries to pre-empt any issues and prepare for these in advance, which undoubtedly makes the process a much smoother one.

Simon remained in contact via e-mail regularly along with Skype. We also visited his Brisbane Office during our process. We were delighted to be granted our 189 Visas a few months before we expected to. We would not hesitate to recommend his services.”

Kirstie and Stephen Hinsley - UK- Skilled Independent SC189 visa

January 2, 2017