I have contracted Simon Earles to assist me and my wife in obtaining our Permanent Residency. I was sponsored by my company for this process. I went through a similar process, by myself, one year earlier for our 457 Visa and it was complicated, time consuming and stressing. That is why I decided to be assisted for the PR process. That was a really smart move. The  process was smooth and stress free! I chose Signet based on our first phone conversation while I was seeking costing from different consultancies. I felt that I could trust Simon. I was right. Simon provides very efficient and professional services. He is available and he does not hesitate to go the extra step to achieve the expected outcome within the required timeframe, as tight as it can be. I highly recommend Signet for everyone who seeks a Visa in Australia.

Alex Dudkowski

Brisbane – Private client -ENS visa

January 20, 2014