We came to Australia with a working holiday visa and almost immediately we were in the country we decided to stay for longer. We tried hard to apply skill assessment and agencies. Our 1 year time was running out and our boss decided to sponsor 1 of us (Sebastian) here in Hobart. We contacted Simon and that was a clear path. He asked us for the information needed. We worked with him via e-mail and collected all the information. As we were running out of time, Simon quickly arranged a bridging visa, and after a couple of days we obtained the sponsor visa 457.

After 2 years with visa 457, I (Sebastian) could apply for a permanent visa. We didn’t hesitate to contact Simon again to guide us in the process. Once again we collected more information he asked us for, and in a couple of months we obtained the permanent visa 186 (we couldn’t believe how fast it was). 

Simon made this process easy and it did not take a long time. He is a very good professional concerned about time and the correct and best ways to obtain the services required.

Sebastain Fuentes

Private client - SBS nomination and 457 visa & permanent ENS nomination (chef) & visa

July 3, 2017