Simon Earles at Signet Migration has provided outstanding service and I can not recommend him highly enough. Simon provided excellent advice from beginning to end of our experience and was constantly in regular contact. Any question I had (and there was many) was answered promptly and clearly. I have really appreciated having the expertise of Simon as I would probably have made a few incorrect decisions based on what various people were telling me.

Distance is not an issue either, I had initially gone to a Perth based migration agent (I live in Perth) but Simon in Brisbane was 100 times better. Face to face contact is not important at all due to excellent phone and email communication. I think the difference in service was that Simon got to the bottom of our personal circumstance quickly, rather than just recommending any generic visa which at the end of the day, could fail for you. Having this excellent advice and assistance is priceless as you will ultimately save in the long term and get the outcome you desire

Renee Cusworth, Perth - Prospective Marriage (fiance) visa

September 4, 2014