It is my enormous pleasure to write this testimonial for Simon, who’s helped me and my family see our dream come true and obtain the 189 Skilled Independent Visa for Australia. I have just received the Visa Grant Letter two days ago and I cried of happiness.

I am based in Romania (well, not for long) and I contacted Simon in order to put together a collaboration about 18 months ago. His instructions were always on point and fast which led to no delays in my application. I had no idea where to start and as it turned out, I had a complicated case, which he assisted with utmost professionalism over the course of  just under 1 year, viz.,from February 2016.

His advice on having my studies and skilled employment positively assessed were invaluable as I wouldn’t have known how to approach all the problems I encountered along the way. Due to his experience, I received the invite 2 DAYS after having submitted the EOI (whereas many others are put on hold on the lists for months ).

Then, when other problems arose from my complicated case, Simon dealt with them fast and gave me the best advice as to how to approach the situation. He submitted all of my submissions to the department timely and I was able to satisfy all the requests of the department of immigrations.

He was continuously making sure that he submits all the necessary documents, reviewing every page of every document to perfection. Without this constant control, I may have overlooked some aspects.

I had absolutely no headaches and I am now convinced that, taking into consideration the complicated nature of my case (which I wasn’t aware of when I started on this journey) I wouldn’t have received the Visa this fast or even not at all.

I remember talking to some of my friends who’d emigrated to Australia, telling me they’d been verified at work by the department. I was stressed by this, as my employer did not like the idea of me leaving. But Simon did such a good job explaining my case and providing all the necessary documents, written explanations (and more) that there was no need for further verification. I simply received the visa in my e-mail. Simple.

It’s been a pleasure and a relief working with such a professional like Simon and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start on this journey. Now, myself, my husband and our daughter are just a few months away from flying towards our dream.

Thank you Simon!

Liziana Tenea - Romania -Skilled Independent SC 189 visa

February 12, 2017