“My wife and I approached Simon from Signet Migration to work on her 801/820 Permanent Partner Residency Visa. Simon was very easy to deal with and made the whole process much less stressful and convoluted. We found him very prompt in replying to our questions and he advised us at each step along the process when we needed to supply something as part of her application. The application process took over 14 months to be assigned a case officer and as soon as we were, Simon was onto it right away and helped us to fulfil the last couple of requests from the migration case officer on time. We are thrilled to say that my wife’s application was successfully approved and we are both elated and extremely satisfied with the service we received from Simon. He really knows all the ins and outs and having done so many applications, he really has a great system in place for presenting all that information correctly, in order to give your application the best chance of success. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone that’s looking for that additional security and support through this lengthy stressful process”

Carolina & Matthew Gray - On-shore Partner visa

April 5, 2018