Full Work Rights for On-Shore Partner and Parent applicants on bridging visas


On 24 November (2012), the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made a number of legislative changes (IMMI 12/094), including the work rights conditions for applicants of onshore Partner or Aged Parent visas. Upon lodgement, applicants who are eligible for a Bridging Visa A (BVA) will now automatically receive full work rights.

The work rights will only come into effect when the BVA activates, after the expiry of the last visa held.

Previously, applicants in these categories were granted a BVA with the same work conditions as the previous visa held. For example, if a person applied for a Tourist visa, then that person had no work rights on the BVA. Or if a person applied for a Working Holiday Maker visa, then that person could only work for the same employer for up to 6 months.

It was also difficult for Aged Parent visa applicants to obtain the right to work as these visas were not designed for working-aged applicants. Applicants for this visa can now secure employment or even do volunteer work without fear of breaching their visa conditions.

Please note:

Onshore Partner or Parent visa applicants who applied before 24 November 2012 and currently hold a BVA with a work restriction condition can apply to the Department of Immigration for a new BVA with full work rights