CCIQ to address important Fair Work Act changes on roadshows

One of the most important pieces of legislation for small business operators to be aware of is the Fair Work Act 2009.

On January 1 2014, important amendments to the FW Act come into effect, which will have a significant impact on the obligations of business owners in terms of industrial relations.

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIQ) senior Employer Assistance Line consultant Susan Stubbings said the changes, which were implemented by the former Labor Government, would affect all small business owners.

“As we have seen in recent reports, it is critical as a business owner to be aware of any changes to industrial relations legislation and ensure they are compliant,” Ms Stubbings said.

“In many cases, employers are simply unaware of the correct award or pay rate they should have been paying an employee but end up having to repay a significant lump sum of money.

“CCIQ’s Employer Assistance Line service is designed to offer advice to employers about their obligations in relation to the Fair Work Act 2009, from award advice to HR and administrative issues.”

Ms Stubbings said the roadshow session, which is $20 for CCIQ members and $50 for non-members, will address the changes and how they will affect businesses from January 1.

“The Fair Work Act 2009 has almost 600 pages and can be difficult to interpret for business owners,” she said.

“These roadshows will provide an insight into how the Employer Assistance Line at CCIQ can assist businesses with industrial relations advice and discuss the impact on the changes to the Fair Work Act 2009.”

The roadhsows will also include industry-specific focus group and presentations from PwC, the Australian Made Logo and CCIQ ecoBiz.

Courtesy of CCIQ

Administrator’s note:

All employment contracts must be Fair Work Act compliant including contracts for 457 visa holders , since all employees must be on the same terms and conditions.

Employers should be aware of their industrial relations obligations to their entire work force or face potential litigation.

Check the roadshow for your area.

For quick and friendly advice on both the current Fair Work obligations and the 1 January 2014 changes,  contact Tony Perkins on or mobile on 0406 717 499