Australian visa pricing changes to drive use of online services

New visa pricing arrangements to begin soon will encourage Department of Immigration and Citizenship clients to use online services where available.

Visa pricing measures already in place include a visa evidence charge, first announced by the Australian Government in November 2011.

From July 1, a “per-person” charge will apply to each family member included in a visa application.

They will each be required to pay the visa application charge.

“This will bring Australia’s visa pricing arrangements into line with comparable countries,” a Department of Immigration and Citizenship spokesman said today.

There will be an additional charge of AUD80 for certain visas when visa applicants choose to lodge a paper application rather than an online application through the department’s eVisa service (where this service is available).

There will also be an extra charge of AUD700 for visa applicants who seek to stay in Australia for extended periods on successive temporary visas.

“These initiatives will put Australian visa services on a sustainable financial footing in the long term, while not detracting from Australia’s global position as a destination of choice to visit, live, work or study,” the spokesman said.

“The vast majority of visitors will see no change, including those arriving on an Electronic Travel Authority and other visitors arriving in Australia who already pay on a per-person basis.”

Refugee and humanitarian visa applicants will be unaffected by the changes.

The department’s eLodgement systems will go offline from late June 28 to early July 1 so IT systems can be updated before the pricing changes come into effect.

Courtesy of DIAC Newsroom

Administrator’s note:

Lets hope the departmnent’s electronic systems are better prepared than when it went on-line for the ENS transfer!