Australian Skill Shortages Creating More Job Opportunities for Expatriates

Specialists in international removals, Interdean, have commented on the recent news that skill shortages are becoming widespread across Australia and that numerous industries are calling for skilled expatriates to relocate there in order to make up the shortfall.
Australia has recently seen a boom in demand for skilled positions in certain sectors. Key industries such as construction, healthcare, engineering and mining are all seeking skilled workers. It is reported that currently around 60 per cent of expatriate business goes to both Australia and New Zealand and the figure is expected to rise throughout the rest of 2014.

In response the federal government of Australia was urged to increase its migrant intake of 190,000 in 2013/14 to 220,000 for 2014/2015 to cover the increasing skill shortages. Individuals who are qualified in mining, engineering, infrastructure and healthcare will be desirable assets for the nation’s workforce.

The Australian Industry Group (AI Group) carried out a survey and reported that 68 per cent of the respondents in the construction sector reported difficulty in hiring skilled labour in the six months to September 2013. A spokesperson stated: ‘While up-skilling our current workforce remains a priority, a larger skilled migration programme will be necessary to manage the current situation and to assist in smoothing the path to future growth.’

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency predicts that Australia will need 2.8 million workers with higher skilled qualifications by 2015. A spokesperson commented: ‘Skilled workers, from the UK in particular, are preferred by Australia for their economic contribution.’

As leaders in expatriate relocation services, Interdean takes a keen interest in industry news. A spokesperson from the company made the following statement: ‘There has never been a more exciting time to move to Australia. With a new government at the helm that is actively encouraging and supporting the migration of skilled individuals and families, moving to Australia no longer has to be a pipe dream.

‘There are an ever increasing number of job opportunities and prospects available in Australia. Whether individuals are already qualified in a desirable job role, or have the skills to learn, there will be plenty of chances to display your potential Down Under. As such an expansive nation with numerous friendly cities and towns to move to, potential expatriates will not only enjoy a blossoming career in Australia, but also a fantastic standard of living.’

Courtesy of Source Wire