Australia is introducing a new ‘Skills in Demand’ visa.
Australia is introducing the ‘Skills in Demand’ visa, a pioneering initiative aimed at bridging crucial skill gaps and fostering labour market flexibility.

This strategic move involves replacing the existing Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) visa with a more targeted approach, offering three specialized pathways to attract temporary skilled migrants essential for Australia’s economic productivity.

Eligibility for the ‘Skills in Demand’ Visa:

  1. Specialist Skills Pathway:
  • For highly skilled professionals earning a minimum of AUD 135,000 annually.
  • Occupations excluding trades, machinery operations, driving, and labor.
  1. Core Skills Pathway:
  • Focused on occupations facing shortages identified by Jobs and Skills Australia.
  • Applicants must possess relevant skills and meet the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.
  1. Essential Skills Pathway (Under Development):
  • Targets workers with essential skills earning below AUD 70,000.
  • Details for this pathway are in the finalization stage.

Documentation for the ‘Skills in Demand’ Visa:

Specialist Skills Pathway:

  • Evidence of annual income surpassing AUD 135,000.
  • Occupation-specific qualifications and certifications.

Core Skills Pathway:

  • Proof of skills relevant to identified shortage occupations.
  • Verification of meeting the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold.

Essential Skills Pathway (Information Pending):

  • Documents to demonstrate essential skills and income below AUD 70,000.

Application Procedure for the ‘Skills in Demand’ Visa:

Online Application:

  • Submission through the official online portal.

Document Submission:

  • Upload required documents, verifying skills, income, and qualifications.

Pathway Selection:

  • Choose the appropriate pathway based on eligibility and occupation.

Fee Payment:

  • Pay the visa application fees through designated payment channels.

Processing and Permanent Residency:

  • Expect expedited processing for the Specialist Skills pathway (around seven days) and approximately 21 days for other streams.
  • Eligible individuals can apply for permanent residency after completing the four-year visa period.

This streamlined process aims to offer clarity and efficiency for applicants, enabling skilled migrants to navigate the application with ease. The ‘Skills in Demand’ visa not only introduces innovative pathways to tackle skill shortages but also prioritizes a straightforward application for temporary skilled migrants contributing to Australia’s workforce.